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Dear future ENGL21007 students,

When I decided to take this class all I knew was that it was “for engineers” being that I was an engineering major this seemed like the right class to take. However, I had no expectations as to what kind of writing and lessons would be taught and worked on. After taking this class I learned a lot of techniques in writing for engineering and I am sure it will help me in my future endeavors.

     – To what extent have I achieved the course learning objectives? 

Throughout the semester each assignment has been a test of the course learning outcomes from having a stance to using online resources in writing each assignment has some outcome in it. For each assignment, there was a which included what kinds of clos were addressed and for each assignment, I have addressed multiple clos. With this and all of the evaluations and editing/revising I believe all the course learning objectives were achieved.

-In what ways have my perceptions on what writing is and does evolved this semester?

My perception on what writing was always on reading texts passages and expressing your ideas on it as well as formulating arguments to persuade a reader. After this semester the largest change in my perception revolves around the audience. I learn that you should have a specific audience in mind and not a general one since how your write is tailored to who the audience is. In addition to this, I expanded my knowledge on rhetorical situation and now no more about it and how to consider it when writing.

     -How does the audience impact the content and purpose of text?

Audience content and purpose are all intertwined together. The content and purpose of writing can change depending on who the audience is. An example of this is with this use of difficult words, some audiences may not be about to understand technical language so that would alter the content so it can be easier to understand.

    – Was there a challenge in writing across genres and addressing specific audiences?

It was a challenge when the audiences needed to be really specific as in down to one person who would use the information in our writing. Between genres

    –  what happens to the other rhetorical elements when you change one of the elements within the situation? for example, when you change media, do the other elements change?

It depends on which things you are changing since some could have a correlation and some may not.

     -A large piece of this semester was the remote learning experience, due to the impact of the global pandemic, covid-19. Even though distance learning/remote work, is a large part of how engineers communicate and work, how did this impact your class and group experience? for some of you, you were working with people you never saw face to face, might not have even ever heard their voice because of platforms like discord, what’sapp, googledocs, etc, what was that like? how did it impact your experience? did it possibly simulate what future work could/would look/be like?

The impact of this situation is finding time to work as people are more likely to be unavailable when something is online. And in person allows for more hands-on work which can help the quality of work.